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Beijing Private Tours By Jessie - Choosing the right travel destination is crucial when it comes to having an unforgettable tour experience. However, without a knowledgeable and skilled guide by your side, you might miss out on interesting trivia and wonderful places. Worse, you might encounter problems during your trip, such as getting lost and being unable to book an event ticket.

Don’t leave your next vacation to chance. If you’re planning to visit Beijing, reach out to Tours by Jessie. We offer different travel packages for one up to four days. Should you want to have a personalized itinerary, our team can customize a trip for you.

About Tours by Jessie

How We Started

Our founder loves to meet new people, and she enjoys telling them about Chinese culture. To provide others with a better understanding of the country and its traditions, she established Tours by Jessie in 2011. Through our tour guide services, we help them  experience Chinese culture firsthand.

Meet Jessie, Your English-Speaking Tour Guide in Beijing

Jessie is a licensed tourist guide who can speak English fluently. She believes that traveling doesn’t need to be stressful. That is why when you hire her, she will handle all of the details, striving to make the tour hassle-free.

Jessie grew up in a place located 2 ½ hours outside Beijing, but she has lived in the city since 2004. No matter the area you want to visit in Beijing, you can expect her to know not only its location but also interesting facts about it.

Whether you are going to Beijing for a business trip or just want to visit the city for pleasure, Jessie is the perfect guide. Backed by her years of experience, she can make your travel in Beijing memorable and fun-filled. You can rely on Jessie for great value and dependable service.

Why Choose Us

Our team offers exciting tour packages and top-notch, honest services. Currently, we rank in the top ten tour guides in Beijing. Because we are warm, patient, welcoming, and friendly, we easily connect with people and establish relationships with them. To make our clients’ travels worth remembering, our attentive team strives to align our itinerary based on their needs and other factors, including climate and their interests.

We are licensed-English-Speaking tour guides in Beijing, which allows us to skip the lines to buy entrance tickets.

Please take note that our Beijing travel packages are no-shopping tours. Each of them is focused on visiting and appreciating the city’s attractions and sites. We won’t waste your time in going to tourist shops and in seeing other things that are not part of Beijing immersion.

Book a Tour

Bask in the captivating scenery in Beijing, and learn more about its culture with our help. We love providing tour services, and we enjoy meeting new people as well as making friends! When you hire us, we will do whatever we can to make your overall Beijing trip experience a positive one.

If you would like to ask us about our custom tour packages, contact us. We serve clients internationally, with a focus on the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom...

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Jessie was so helpful and organized on our trip to Beijing. My daughter still talks about her and how much fun we all had. Thank you, Jessie!"

- Frank T.